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Finding a rhythm of eating that honors your taste, skills and health needs is complex. Reducing your time in the kitchen and reducing food waste leaves more resources for other activities you love. Let me help you. 

planned just for you


Carefully crafted experiences that allow me to bring a plant based workshop on topic of your choice to your home or place of business. Samples are included as well as mindfulness session if desired. Food that is utilized for the classes are organic, seasonal and locally sourced. 

plant-based workshops 

Not sure where to start on your plant-based diet? My team can help with meal planning, prep or delivery of prepared meals. Through working with local farmers and chefs, seasonal meals are coordinated for your home. *this is not a medical evaluation. 

home chef services 



Looking to add plant-based options to your menu. Join the growing trend.  I am foodie and a physician which means I have actually tried to balance both and that means that fine dining and enjoying a healthy meal at home has been a long term passion. As as result, I am well versed in poorly designed menus for plant-based eaters. If the vegan option on your menu is pasta primavera, you are totally missing the point AND an emerging market. Let me help you add healthy, plant-based options to your menu. 


I was so surprised at the fact that I was not as hungry as I thought I would be. I really felt full and that I was being nourished adequately. 


I couldn't have asked for a better experience and end product. Dr. Khalsa went above and beyond and truly couldn't be more thankful!




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