Aug 3

Reflections Of A Mentor

Reflections of a mentor….
Time has shown me one thing.

When a clinician in medicine loses hope, there have already been many moments in time that someone could have offered support, direction, empathic listening, and kindling of hope.

Largely those moments can go ignored by the people around them. And each passing event can lead to a further problematic spiral of doubt, depression, and anxiety.

What was something a mentor did for you along the way that helped you not to lose hope?

When challenges are difficult to solve, I often recommend brief moments away from work to cultivate a relationship with nature that allows us to be mindful of patterns, colors, textures, smells, and shapes that are present there. These pauses can allow for new perspectives to emerge and for relaxation to occur. A relaxed mind is a creative mind and from here there can be the possibility of seeing the situation differently or finding novel solutions. 

Blog Posts with Focus On Local, Seasonal Food in Phoenix

Listed below are all recent blog entries with tutorials. These entries use the freshest of ingredients from your local farmer’s market or garden.

Dr. Siri Chand 


May your time with the plants be nourishing!

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