Laundry Soap Is Toxic

Aug 17

Laundry Soap Is Toxic

Laundry Soap Is Toxic

Laundry Soap Is Toxic Even Though It Smells “FRESH”

Here’s the truth about what scented laundry products emit through dryer vents. What “smells good” in laundry soap is toxic.

How do I know? Recently, I was sitting near an open window. It was a lovely day, birds chirping, when out of the blue, a sickening, cloying scent began to seep in around me. AND I REALIZED IT WAS the fumes from someone’s dryer vent. In just a few minutes, I began to feel nauseous, irritable and a headache started.

I get it … I am an #ESP (extra sensitive person); however, I felt sure there was some research about this specifically. I had to close the windows, leave the house and go for a walk in a different part of the neighborhood.

😤Anyone else health impacted by scents like this?

AND YES… there was a study!


Results were published that suggested that scented laundry products are emitting hazardous chemicals into the environment through our dryer vents. Therefore it is reasonable to think about the idea that laundry soap Is toxic. The study was conducted by Dr. Anne Steinemann at U of W and published in the Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health journal in 2011. One discovery from her study was the high levels VOCs that are released into the air during the time the dryer is working…. que those sweet birds who can’t close the window.

The authors sampled emissions from two residential dryer vents during the use of no products, fragranced detergent, and fragranced detergent plus fragranced dryer sheet. They found more than 25 VOCs emitted from dryer vents, with the highest concentrations of acetaldehyde, acetone, and ethanol in the fragrance group. According to the #EPA, seven of these VOCs are classified as hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and two as carcinogenic HAPs (acetaldehyde and benzene) with no safe exposure level. For context, this could be the equivalent of 3 % of total acetaldehyde emissions from automobiles in the study area.

These “fragrances” are linked to disruptions in the endocrine system also!
I have a sachet filled with fresh organic dried flowers that I put in the dryer that works great.

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