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Blueberry sunset

Aug 22

Blueberry sunset

Blueberry… the great peacemaker in nutrition. Among all the different diets, the blueberry stands out as one of the few foods that is recommended to be eaten universally. Imagine that … something almost everyone can agree on. In Jon Kabat Zinn’s mindful eating exercise (can be found @soundstrue) one is guided to use the five senses while eating a raisin to bring awareness to the present moment. In Ayurveda, the five senses (tanmatra chikitsa) are utilized to create balance. We are not only “what we eat”, but what we hear, see, touch, taste and smell. Digesting the input from our senses is an integral part of maintaining health and our external experiences affect our internal functions.

Have you ever looked down and realized that within 10 minutes you have eaten 3 pieces of pizza? Taking time to be present at mealtimes can help with digestion, cravings and portion sizes. This particular blueberry was picked in Vermont in the summer in the richness of the mid-morning sun. The experience was shared with people I love and later the berry was made into a compote that was placed over a vegan pavlova (think aquafaba *chickpea* juice).

In my experience photographing plants, there is often a message or feeling that is conveyed. This image in particular made me think about the nurturing energy that plants offer to us. Reaching from the energy of the sun and transmuting this to create vitality – just as a mother does for a newborn child.

There is a growing body of science that individual plants have specific mechanisms in supporting our health.  While a quick search of pubmed did not show that blueberries have a benefit on lactation, perhaps it has not been studied to date.  For my friends ready to deliver and bring new life to the planet, I pray for ease in birthing and joy in celebration of the new souls.

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