Sep 13

Rose Colored Memories


#TBT to when roses were in bloom in Phoenix. Just before the true heat of the summer arrived, roses began a glorious expression of color and light in Phoenix. This was the first year I had a garden and I learned to appreciate how the earth provides support for us to navigate through the next season *prior to the seasonal shift*. Paying attention, we can start to feel the subtle flows that are offered.

In Ayurveda, roses are a profound gift to pitta. With their color, scent, and beauty, they are a natural to bring balance. Through harmonizing with nature’s cycles, we can prepare for the change in seasons and keep up. We especially need this in the heat of Phoenix.

How many lines of prose have been dedicated to roses???? …I could hardly count though here’s one to consider:

“The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms.”

– Angelus Silesius

I am wary of rose essential oil as it takes pounds and pounds of rose petals to make the smallest quantities.  Many “rose” essential oils are adulterated with other substances. If you decide to get a rose essential oil, invest from a reputable company like @Floracopeia or @Lunaroma (not paid to say this….) and use as one of your most precious resources.

As the rose life energy begins to fade, the petals can be dried and used in so many ways. If the roses have been grown in the right environment *organic – no chemicals*, rose petals can be used for tea, rosewater, jellies or body care products….the options are limited only to your imagination. 

Dr. Siri Chand 


*Please note as an amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases which means I will receive a small fee if you purchase them. I have only included things I truly use.

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May your time with the plants be nourishing!

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