Aug 27

Healthcare Statistics

First, please know there is a special helpline for doctors:
(888) 409-0141;

Burnout before the pand3mic was serious, but now the coping mechanisms that once held medical communities up are feeling the weight of this time. Anecdotally, I feel there is an added dimension for empathic and intuitive doctors.

Burnout can be debilitating and chronic and is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. It is an epigenetic phenomenon as well; our bodies dynamically shift.
It is the top reason people leave medicine and is challenging to address at the institutional level; however, a few places are exploring novel strategies.

Dr. Marc Moss and Katherine Reed LPC, who collaborate in the Colorado Resiliency Arts Lab at the University of Colorado Medical Campus, were interviewed on The Artian.

Dr. Moss states that: “people don’t understand the prevalence of these problems. And that’s why I use the word epidemic… if you look at symptoms of PTSD or anxiety or depression or burnout syndrome, you put an *or* statement between those; it is close to 80% of our current ICU nurses.

50% of ICU docs reported burnout in a national Medscape poll of roughly 12,000 doctors.
Dang. This is going to impact people far past the time of the vi3us.

He describes resilience as bouncing back when faced with adversity or a tragedy and wanted to find ways to cultivate it. Dr. Moss and Katherine are using art therapy in their lab, CORAL. Healthcare workers are invited to participate in 12 weekly workshops in four different areas – art, music, dance/movement, or writing, and from what they shared, people are healing.

Creativity is a powerful tool for healing. I’ll repeat it.
Creativity is a powerful tool for healing.

I don’t have the panacea; however, I am offering a webinar on Sunday at 9 am. I’ll share how small steps in the morning can help build resilience. Using Ayurveda was the pathway that brought sustained healing for me.

There is a summit this week. #EPB2021

We can to walk our way out of this issue using a different path from how we came in, and creativity can be part of this.

Please share this important information.

Dr. Siri Chand 


May your time with the plants be nourishing!

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