Aug 30

Morning Routine

Let’s talk about creating a morning routine.
I appreciate @jamesclear and his book, Atomic Habits.
It partners powerfully with theory of an Ayurvedic daily routine, dinacharya.

What is a habit?
Something we repeatedly do – including our thoughts and how we construct our day. We become the sum of all these small elements.

How it works:
Clear shares that the science of building new habits arises in the following way:

Four simple steps: cue, craving, response, and reward.

Cue: Internal or external piece of info that predicts a reward (in the modern world, this could be fame, money, sex, friendship, health, etc)

Craving: Framework of our desire…. we crave not the habit itself but the state/promise it delivers us to. The thoughts, feelings, and emotions we have are what transform a cue into a craving.

Response: Enacting an actual habit which can be a thought or an action and is predicated on our ability to do it.

Reward: Essential the goal of every habit, the outcome. Clear states that “We chase rewards because they serve two purposes: (1) they satisfy us and (2) they teach us

If behavior is insufficient in any of the four stages, it will not become a habit.

Here is his method on how to create a good habit
The 1st law (Cue) – Make it obvious.
The 2nd law (Craving) – Make it attractive.
The 3rd law (Response) – Make it easy.
The 4th law (Reward) – Make it satisfying.

I’ll share an example.
I live in the desert. IT’S HOT!
I was not hydrating enough because I don’t get enthused by plain water. 😅
I was getting headaches from dehydration.

Obvi. I need more water. However, I was not in the routine of doing it early in the day. I made it attractive by making a tea in the morning from blends that I have (easy). And viola, no more headaches from dehydration. Appealing!

Clear states:
Whenever you want to change your behavior, you can ask yourself:
How can I make it obvious?
How can I make it attractive?
How can I make it easy?
How can I make it satisfying?

And with this, we can think about the value of a morning routine.

Join me in an upcoming webinar where I will share the science of resiliency from an Ayurvedic and neuroscience standpoint.

Dr. Siri Chand 


May your time with the plants be nourishing!

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