Aug 31


10 years ago today, something incredible happened.

I recall the moment…

I was sitting on my sofa when I made a decision that would shift my medical career forever.

I had finished residency in 2005 and found that hospice was the only specialty that gave me the flexibility to provide care the way I wanted. I learned about grief and how precious life is in this work.

A powerful death happened for one of my patients. One that gave me great pause. I had to rethink what I was doing.

So I made a bold shift.

I left to study @theayurvedicinstitute with Dr. Vasant Lad. I had been to India in 2008 to study; however, in 2011, I started learning Ayurveda in earnest. It was a beautiful compliment to my #IntegrativeMedicine studies, yoga teacher training, and Reiki Master training.

I began to weave together how modern science could link with #Ayurvedic principles. I learned how our small daily lifestyle choices create a trend or health of disease in such a direct ways.

It took three years to complete these studies. It was expensive in both time and the cost of the education. I lived simply.

I returned to practice in 2014, where I worked in primary care, sharing insight from what I had learned though I continued learning about the neuroscience of habit formation, the latest principles of the #microbiome, and how trauma impacts the autonomic nervous system.

However, probably the most potent teacher was the school of life. I went through a profound #burnout journey after working with a company that promised to deliver integrative care only to nix everything for their IPO.

After severe flu or cv in Feb of 2020, I had to get bold again.

Though I could not have fully anticipated it, in this time, so many clinicians have begun to search for new ways to nourish themselves.

I saw that #healers needed healing.

So I created a program that empowers clinicians to invite resilience into their lives with a 12-week lifestyle program learning #Ayurveda, Creativity, #Yoga#Mindfulness, and #plantbased cooking.

I simplified 30 years of study into high yield steps and I am sharing them with you.

Learn 3 of my favorite daily actions in the upcoming webinar. Link in bio.

Dr. Siri Chand 


May your time with the plants be nourishing!

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